Wearable Technology – Pillbox

For the last challenge I decided to develop the pillbox since I think it is very useful for old people and I know from personal experience that a lot of people forget about taking the right amount of pills at the right time and this device takes care of all those issues!

In the picture below you can see the pillbox and an additional wristwatch.

description and pillbox

Old people can take this box to the doctor and he/she puts the right amount of pills into each container. There is one container for every single day of the week. Doctors also can program an alarm so that the pillbox reminds the person to take the pills. The speakers are for the alarm and they also read out the text that is displayed on the touchscreen. On the touchscreen the person can read what day/date it is and general information such as weather, news but also personal information (events, other alarms etc). Buttons make it possible to interact with the content on the screen in case the person does not like to use the touchscreen and there is also a button to turn the device on/off.

In case the person is not in the room or simply does not hear the alarm that is coming out of the speakers of the pillbox then there is a wristwatch that is connected via WiFi and the alarm also goes off on the wristwatch (vibration/sound).

To the best of my knowledge there is no such device on the market yet, however a lot of non-digital pillboxes are already out there. The wristwatch is a great addition to this technology since it makes it almost impossible for an old person to miss the alarm to take the pills.

Pretty much all of the functions and ideas are already out there but nobody has combined them in this way yet and I think it would help a lot of old people. Overall this technology is quite affordable and it will not take long time until it is on the market because of its simplicity.


9×9 Grids

This week we carried on working on our Wearable Technology challenge. The lecturer told us to fold a paper so we have 9 fields. After we have done that each person in the group drew 3 ideas of wearable technology in the top row of their piece of paper. After you are done, you put the piece of paper in the middle of the table and someone can take it and extend your ideas in the second row and add comments/features.

We focused on the older generations and took our mind maps from last week and thought about additional problems old people could have trying to analyse morphologically. We went through all the different senses and situations and technologies that can help.

Photo May 16, 2 18 41 PM

I liked one idea quite a lot and that was the ‘pill box’. It reminds old people to take their pills (right amount and right time).

Introduction to Wearable Technology Challenge

Our very last challenge is about Wearable Technology. We had a lecture about senses and it was really interesting for me to see what people are already working on. For instance there is something called Smart Fabric and it has sensors in it. And our lecturer told us about an Australian research organisation called CSIRO which developed an air guitar shirt. The data gets transmitted wirelessly to the computer and because of the position of your arms and hands the computer can analyze and play guitar sounds as if you are actually playing one.

There is also a technology that enables people to call someone without a smart phone. The wearable technology projects the phone keyboard onto your hand and you can press it with your other hand.

For our challenge we got into groups again and had to brainstorm some problems old people and young people could have so we can develop a new wearable technology that can help them.

Photo May 17, 5 52 07 PM

Photo May 17, 5 52 11 PM

Technology Research

YouTube already started to make 360-degree videos. People who watch the videos can turn the view 360 degrees so if the video is shot in a room you can see everything. This is extremely exciting because if they develop a sound system that generates the sound/music just as if it is in the recorded room than viewers would have a spectacular watching experience.

Wearable payment is going to be a thing as well soon. You can wear a wristband which will make it possible for the person to pay at cash desks and so on.

There are so many more wearable technologies already in development – Here is a list of 50 gamechangers for 2016.