Introduction to Wearable Technology Challenge

Our very last challenge is about Wearable Technology. We had a lecture about senses and it was really interesting for me to see what people are already working on. For instance there is something called Smart Fabric and it has sensors in it. And our lecturer told us about an Australian research organisation called CSIRO which developed an air guitar shirt. The data gets transmitted wirelessly to the computer and because of the position of your arms and hands the computer can analyze and play guitar sounds as if you are actually playing one.

There is also a technology that enables people to call someone without a smart phone. The wearable technology projects the phone keyboard onto your hand and you can press it with your other hand.

For our challenge we got into groups again and had to brainstorm some problems old people and young people could have so we can develop a new wearable technology that can help them.

Photo May 17, 5 52 07 PM

Photo May 17, 5 52 11 PM

Technology Research

YouTube already started to make 360-degree videos. People who watch the videos can turn the view 360 degrees so if the video is shot in a room you can see everything. This is extremely exciting because if they develop a sound system that generates the sound/music just as if it is in the recorded room than viewers would have a spectacular watching experience.

Wearable payment is going to be a thing as well soon. You can wear a wristband which will make it possible for the person to pay at cash desks and so on.

There are so many more wearable technologies already in development – Here is a list of 50 gamechangers for 2016.