PRESENTATION – Location Based Game

Today was the day of our presentation and it was really funny actually! I think we did quite well and gained a lot of experience over the last couple of weeks because we learnt so much about things that I have never heard of such as all the different applications like MORFO, Aurasma and Locomatrix. The entire contextual design area was something completely new to me and we used many different brainstorming methods and techniques that I will definitely use in the future.

Huge thank you to my group members for the enjoyable time and our lecturer for teaching us new methods that we were not aware of yet!

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Group Meeting: ARIS Attempt & Text Content

In today’s group meeting we came up with all the text content and detailed game logic for our location based game.

Our idea was to motivate kids to go out more often and explore the zoo. The children got the game on their phones and enter the zoo. Once the player enters the zoo (location defined area), the game can start.


In the game there is a virtual zoo keeper called “Greg” at the zoo information centre, and in real life there is an actual zoo keeper with questionnaires. Greg then tells the player where to go next (to the lions). All animals tell stories and ask questions afterwards which the player has to get right in order to win the reward – real life zoo keeper gives them food that they can give the animals.

Since we did not have an image for Greg The Guide yet, we used this emoji so we can see it on the map.


Each of our group members also chose to create 2 animals for the game. I wanted to create a lion and a monkey.

After talking about the game logic and writing the text content we tried to create the game in ARIS.


Unfortunately we soon realised that we used the wrong objects. Instead of plaques, we used items and we were not able to add media to our animals.