Review of Phone Apps & Brainstorming Methods

In this session we reviewed our phone app designs. In the picture below you can see my designs.

app logo designs

  1. Frisbee society app – for meetings and locations (parks)
  2. Multiplayer game messenger – see who is online and what they are playing
  3. Freshly baked bread smell – shows next bakery locations
  4. Cheese app – Price lists of cheapest cheese and were you can get it
  5. Drama society – shows next social events and shows
  6. Locations – pin on maps where you’ve been (traveling)

After we finished reviewing our apps we got into groups of four and had to brainstorm more apps but the task had a little twist on it.

There was this colour wheel with different categories:


And we had to categorize our apps and think about how we can mix the category that is on the other side with our already existing app. So for instance if you have an app that is about shopping then you have to think about a way how you can link the functionality of your app with either food, hobbies, learning, etc.

We had a couple of great and extraordinary ideas but my favorite ones were HotDog and TUNEz. HotDog works basically like Tinder, it is a dating app for dogs but the target audience are dog breeders. There are a lot of similar apps like TUNEz already on the market but we thought it would be great to scan a song of which you want to know the name and then also album information and lyrics so you can sing along (like the Playstation game SingStar).


“the fitting together of seemingly diverse elements” .. is how my lecturer introduced the Greek word.

When googling the word this description pops up and I think it cannot be described in a better way: “a problem-solving technique that seeks to promote creative thinking, typically among small groups of people of diverse experience and expertise.”

You should basically use Synectics in planning as well in the idea-generating sessions. Since we had to brainstorm in this session we learned more about it and how we can achieve the most out of the brainstorming process. The key is to not be shy and simply say what is in your mind related to the topic. Risk taking is a key word because you are supposed to express your ideas without having the fear of failure or what people think of you. Every idea can improve or guide the end product and lead to success.