Six Thinking Hats & Creative Methods

This week we learned about Six Thinking Hats. The lecturer brought 6 hats in different colours and each hat had a certain task.


After the lecture we got into our groups and continued working on our location based game. One person decided who gets which hat so not everyone can choose what they are most comfortable or used to. Unfortunately we were just 4 people in our group so two group members had to wear 2 hats but that was not a big problem.


Overall it was really funny to try this method because people had to stay in their characters. So for instance if you were wearing the black hat you always had to be kind of “negative” and tell everyone about the risks and weaknesses of our ideas. I had to wear two hats – Green and Yellow – Which was very difficult because the green hat alone would have been a difficult task since you are the creative character and have to come up with ideas while also being extremely positive and pointing all the good things out (yellow hat). We also changed hats every now and then so we have a lot of ideas and basic approaches.

After we were done doing the Six Thinking Hats we tried a similar method to the Ideatoons Blueprint because we felt very creative in that moment so we all took a piece of paper and thought about our challenge and drew something that was in our mind related to the game. After a certain amount of time we passed on the piece of paper to the next person and they had to add something and so on. In the end we had 4 pieces of paper with interesting drawings on them and put them in the middle and tried to force relationships between them and how we can extend our drafts and come up with new ideas for our game. We came up with a lot of new approaches that we have not thought of yet, such as game logos and game context.