Introduction & Phone Apps Brainstorming

In this session we got an overview of the entire year in form of an approximate timetable and also talked about the assessment. There are 3 different practical design challenges that we have to master:

  1. Mobile App ideas
  2. Contextual Design (+ presentation)
  3. Wearable Technology concepts and model

Additionally we have to keep up a blog where we reflect on all the things that we have learned throughout the module.

After all our questions about the challenges and assessments were cleared we moved on to the first challenge which is about mobile app designs. For this task we were divided into pairs of two and we had to talk about ourselves, hobbies and what we like or not like (just some extraordinary facts that nobody knows). This was not only extremely funny but also helped me getting to know people from my module.

My partner was Dominik and he told me a lot of interesting facts about himself that I would have never guessed! Our next task was to tell everyone else in class what we just found out about our partner and after that we had to think about 6 different apps that could be useful for our partner based on the facts that you just found out about them and design logos for each of the apps.

Here are my notes about what I found out while interviewing Dominik and my first brainstorming process of possible app designs.

Later on I drew an actual phone screen and tried to design each app logo and think about what this app logo does and how it could help Dominik.

Photo Apr 24, 8 17 21 PM
Notes while interviewing Dominik
Photo Apr 24, 8 17 33 PM
First attempt designing each app & their purpose

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